What is a good practice for an Autism Unit?

Based on Donabedian’s (2003) normative definition of best or good practice, Parsons et al (2011) suggest that a Good Practice is drawn ‘‚Ķeither from direct knowledge of the scientific literature and its findings, or from the agreed-upon opinions of experts and leaders, an opinion presumably based on knowledge of the pertinent literature as well as on clinical experience’ (p.62). Therefore, best practices are based on accumulations of evidence from both the empirical and expert strands.

For the scope of www.AutismUnits.eu website, we ask contributors to formulate their good practices in a way that, any other autism unit can, with the procedures and documents available, run that best practices and adapt it to their particular situation and context. Therefore, the good practice should be presented in a clear and concrete way, specifying the goal and all the necessary steps for its implementation, indicating the necessary resources to be used, the actions to be developed, the difficulties found while implementing it, the lesson learnt and the evaluation system (indicators of success of the practice).

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