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Yana Shurelova, ODK-Sredets, Bulgaria

The Challenges of Working with Asperger Syndrome

Student with Asperger Syndrome, who has communication problems, aggressive acts and conflict with some teachers, but  manages to turn literature from a favourite  hobby into a successful learning subject.

We are united by the environment; S.O.S Nature - worked together on project activities with children with autism, down syndrome, paralysis

During our work, our ‘good practice’ in autism education  showed the relation between:

  • ‘quality first’ classroom and school practice; ( generally, including school policies, staff, leadership, classroom practice, and approaches to learning, and represents the bulk of educational practice)
  •  specialist approaches that are relevant for working with many pupils with SEN and their families; (reflects more specialist support for children with special educational needs generally (e.g., support for families, which is particularly critical because families of children with SEN are a vulnerable population).

   highly specialist approaches that might be required specifically for pupils with autism. (refers to highly specialist approaches to education (e.g., augmentative communication approaches).

We reduce anxiety:
we modulate the stimulation
we set clear expectations;
We organize the workspace.

Use of hearing aid (FM) equipment for individual and group work with children from the autist spectrum - PS Bratya Miladinovi, Burgas, Bulgaria

The FM systems, while originally developed as a communication means for children with impaired hearing, have proven effective for many other conditions – learning difficulties, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, developmental dysphasia and autism. The use of FM systems in group and individual work contributes for the development of speech and language skills /one of the essential deficits among children from the autism spectrum/, as well as for concentration of attention and improved engagement with the study process. The FM systems enhance therapist’s/tutor’s voice as opposed to general background noise level and deliver the desired information to the child in it’s original state, unaffected by surrounding distractions. With the system’s help, children visibly pay more attention, stay calmer and learn more.

For some children from the autism spectrum, processing of information, mainly visual and auditory, is inhibited. Full integration of visually and aurally percepted stimuli and extraction of the essence is not performed adequately /or is deferred/ and as a result understanding of delivered information is impaired. Also, among autist children is often observed sensory integration dysfunction, which additionally hampers the abilities for understanding and work in the typical noisy classroom.

: Working with autistic 6-years old child in an inclusive environment - Sredets Municipality Cildren Complex/ Kindergarten “Daga” - Debelt

          The most important thing for the team from  Kindergarten “Daga(Rainbow)" – Debelt, Sredets was to create an environment that’s supportive and tailored to the individual needs of the child to ensure inclusion in the group. As for  adaptation of Alex(child with autism) in the “Daga(Rainbow)" KG - Debelt, it was crucial to build trust and cooperation between the family, the specialists and the teachers in the kindergarten. Practice has shown that when parents and teachers from the group are actively involved in the process of coordination and harmony between all sides, significant progress can be made in terms of the child’s progress.

        The child was assisted during group work to facilitate its  inclusion in gaming, training and daily activities and aid the correction of unacceptable behavior, the development of new adaptive models, and the ease of communication. Depending on the needs of the child, the teachers with the resource teacher judged how to work individually with the child.



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